Feathers & grapefruit in videoclip Bubbles

From childhood onward I adopted one reason after another that validated that I was not good enough and should hide away. ⁠⁠One of the first convictions of my insecurity was that I had big ears, then I was too skinny, then my classmate complained I did not have big boobs like my best friend, then I had hairy legs, then my grandmother said my cheeks became fatter, then I gained weight,.. ⁠

Midist/Wasim and the safe place

Midist/Wasim and the safe place Yesterday I went to Haarlem to meet Midist and Wasim in their studio. We drink coffee in the kitchen next to their studio, exchange current state of minds, songs and visions. Wasim: I actually wanted to wear black today, but the weather convinced me otherwise. Did you hear about the […]

Protest songs in Vrijpaleis

Protest songs in VrijpaleisAbove us hang flags with lyrics of heroes of the last century Bob Marley, Bob Bylan, Nina Simone, Nina Hagen – a celebration, a memoire – but today is not an ode to history. Who are the protest singers of 2021? In which way do they share their message? To answer these questions I […]

Chairdance crashcourse Taylor

Chairdance crashcourse Taylor At NYE Burlesque Performance party I met Taylor Made in a tiny dressing room. I was his fangirl right away. He is a dragqueen, pole dancer and burlesque performer from Enschede. For one of the performance nights of 3 x 3 = 9 I invited him to Amsterdam to get to know […]

Desert moon in Vondelpark

Were you in Vondelpark last full moon? Big chance you heard me sing. Well, sing? I was belting my heart out. The few cyclists that were in the park wore headphones anyway, I thought. Suddenly a short man in leather jacket stood next to me. I recognized him. He is often there, wandering. Climbs trees, […]

A micro-revolutionist pamflet, 2019

I don’t believe in parttime ideals. They are incredibly uninspiring. Parttime ideals lead to parttime principles (actions that you practice to live up to your ideal). However, you only obey them when it suits you. For instance: I separate my plastic and organic material from waste, unless the wastebin is full. I refuse to sleep with […]