Enchanting Voice Coaching

Express ~ Embrace ~ Embody
the power of your authentic voice.

Your voice is a bridge to your inner- and outer world. When you learn how to connect to your voice, you automatically become deeper connected to your truth, your emotions, your creativity and your intuition. This will have a big impact on how you communicate, how you express your needs and boundaries, how clear you bring your vision forward and how you connect to your family, partner, friends, colleagues, clients or audience.

>> Are you just starting to explore your voice and want to feel more free and confident in speaking or singing?

>> Are you a performer, public speaker or songwriter and wish to tap in deeper layers of the message you want to bring across?

>> Are you interested in the voice as a tool for liberation, healing and emotional release and do you want to experience what this can mean for you?

Wherever you are on your path, I am delighted to facilitate a safe space for you to explore and gain acces to powerful tools.

My background
Since early childhood the whole spectrum of the voice has been my favourite topic for exploration. Both the inner voice as well as the outer voice. This is why I followed trainings and workshops in sound healing therapy, energy work, authentic relating, ceremonial arts and ecstatic dance. Also I studied word art at the Conservatory of Antwerp, I attended classes on performance in the Theatre school of Amsterdam and studied performance analysis and charisma at the University of Amsterdam. In 2020 I finished my bachelor in vocals and songwriting at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

A lot! And then I haven’t started about the people I met along the way on stages, in ceremonies and on my travels who made an impact on how I see the voice. For example this encounter in Granada:

For whom?
These sessions are meant for everyone with a voice.
Whether you consider yourself as a or ‘singer’ or not, we all have acces to our voice as a transformational, powerful healing tool. In my practice I have welcomed people from all walks of life. Teachers, accountants, healers, coaches, children, thinkers, do’ers, creatives,.. each with their own intentions. If you feel the call, it is for you. And you are welcome exactly as you are.

What to expect from a session?
A session can contain the following ingredients, attuned to your personal needs and wishes:

❊ Voice liberation exercises
❊ Breathwork
❊ Embodiment practices for grounding
❊ Tools on how to claim your space when your speaking in a room or on stage
❊ Theory on the anatomy of the breath & voice
❊ Voice as a way to release stress and tension in your mind or body
❊ Techniques for healthy and free speaking or singing
❊ Visualizations, affirmations & guided meditations
❊ A guide on how to sing and write more aligned to your hear
❊ Writing rituals for reflection and creativity

Through voice liberation and vocal embodiment emotional release, insights and transformation can take place. Connecting with your voice is also a beautiful way to gain acces to more life force, authentic expression, creative flow and your self-healing abilities. It is a key to a life in which you express (speak, sing, create) from alignment, love and personal power.

Open Session
If you want to work with me, you can choose between one or more Open Session(s) or the Enchanting Voice Program. An Open Session you can book any time you feel like quality time with your voice to explore your sound and a certain question you have. If you wish to go a bit deeper then I suggest you to take a look at the program (contact me for information).

Why the voice?

Our sound is the carrier of our intention and mission in this lifetime. Unfortunately many of us are dealing with a lot of conditionings when it comes to expressing ourselves freely. This is where this work comes in. Since the dawn of time troubadours, medicine men and women have worked with vocal sound and music to heal people, take them on a journey and re-connect with their pure essence and souls longing.

Breath- & voicework can bring you directly to the essence of what is alive for you in each moment. It might bring up layers and blocks that keep you from feeling completely happy, expressed and alive. During the session we co-create a safe space for you to unpeel the layers (limiting beliefs or old trauma) that are ready to be released, giving you more space to be you, fully.


The live sessions have a duration of approximately 60 minutes and take place in The Netherlands (Beverwijk, Amsterdam, Utrecht), Spain (A Coruña) or online.

For more information or questions, feel free to email me.


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