Protest songs in Vrijpaleis

Protest songs in Vrijpaleis

Above us hang flags with lyrics of heroes of the last century Bob Marley, Bob Bylan, Nina Simone, Nina Hagen – a celebration, a memoire – but today is not an ode to history. Who are the protest singers of 2021? In which way do they share their message? To answer these questions I invited protest singers Shishani, Benjamin Fro and punt.judith and filmmaker Julia Hollander for the live event of 3 x 3 = 9 in Vrijpaleis Amsterdam.

Protest can be translated as an expression of resistance, negative emotions towards topics in society. Though for the attending musicians, the ethymology of the word ‘protest’ seems more correct. Namely: pro (= forth / before) and testari (= testify or witness). Along with their humour, musicality and knowledge, they give form to their musical activism in which their songs are tools to give voice to the voiceless.

An impression of the live event:

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