Moonlab /
Laboratorio de la Luna 


In the eye of the storm during this transformational time of our planet we are being invited to gather from heart to heart, share our gifts and connect overseas to grow seeds for the new world unfolding.

Moonlab is a space for intuitive co-creation & ceremony for artists of all disciplines (troubadours, hula hoop queens, sculptors, healers, garden gurus, mothers, fathers, poets and clowns). We spend a week together in nature to re-invite the Fullness of Life through music and movement, laughter and meditation, creative practices, shared wisdom & inspiration.

August 9-15 2023

In Casa Universo, our rustic home in Galicia, Spain. Close to many beaches of la Costa de la Muerte, cliffs, lighthouses, rivers and waterfalls. The property is on a land of 1 acre surrounded by trees on the edge of a little village in province A Coruña. The house has four double bedrooms and plenty of space to camp your tent or van.

We facilitate a basic structure for the week with morning circles and a daily session/workshop. Everything is an invitation, no obligation. The structure is meant as a rhythm that leaves plenty of space for being in the moment and moving with what wants to be expressed from moment to moment. You are welcome exactly as you are.

8 AM Morning circle: intentions & movement (yoga, dance, swimming..)
10 AM till 1PM daily session/workshop
Between lunch and dinner you might want to explore the surroundings, dedicate this time to deep relaxation, reflect on your personal projects or open up to spontaneous (co-)creations.  

6 PM> preparing & enjoying dinner together, relaxing, impro, ceremony or practice initiated by one of the attending artists

Impression of the week: 

(More details will follow in the beginning of July)

August 9: 
Arrival. Check in from 15:00 + Opening dinner & sharing intentions.

August 10:
Brothers & sisters as mirrors. Creative 1:1 encounters along the river.
What are you ready to receive? What are you willing to share?

August 11:

Slowly we unwind and become more present with ourselves and the landscape. We explore how we can give more space to our authentic rhythms & speed with a workshop on Slow Creating and intuitive time ~ filled with journaling practices and sacred grounding by movement & breathwork on the edge of the Atlantic.

August 12:
Sunday = Songday. In workshop Enchanting Voice you receive tools and practices on how to connect more to the power of your authentic voice. No singing experience needed. In the evening there is a songcircle around the fire. Traditionals, originals, chants, mantra’s, popular songs, impro’s.. Any song or poem that burns inside of you and wants to be shared, is welcome.

August 13: 

Silent day to dive deeper. Whatever is being activated these days, give it your undivided attention. Whether it is a spark of inspiration that wants to be transformed into a painting. Or a dream or feeling that wants to be seen. Walk, write, sleep, meditate, create, it is all good. You are invited to put your phone off and try to not go into conversation with each other until dinner. After dinner there is a sharing circle.

August 14:  
Day of magic. Together we build a piece of art. Whatever form enfolds, let it be a dedication to the Fullness of Life. Maybe we walk in a parade to Finisterra. Maybe we improvise for 12 hours. Maybe we build a treehouse. Maybe we create a ceremony for the ocean. See video:
Moonlab Co-Creation

August 15:
Closing circle, Cleaning up & Checking out 


We will arrange plenty of vega goodiness, wood logs, celebration & ceremony material, etc. For this first year the expenses of your stay will be 250€ (incl. food, accommodation, excl. drinks & pick up service from the station/airport). If you are an abundant bird and would love to contribute to the forest we want to grow on the land, we will be grateful for a donation, a tree or flower seeds.

The best way to come is by car, so that you are free to explore the surroundings. Other possibilities:

✦ Carpooling together
✦ Blablacar or Flixbus to A Coruña or Santiago de Compostela
✦ Fly to Airports of A Coruña or Santiago de Compostela
From here you can take the bus to Carballo where we can pick you up.
If you would prefer to be picked up at the airport, bus- or train station, contact me for possibilities.

If you wish to attend, please let us know if you come with a van, tent or if you would prefer a shared room. Feel free to bring a friend! You secure your spot by transferring 125€ to M. Bakker NL43 ABNA 0414469631 BIC: ABNANL2A.
This is non-refundable, but if you are not able to come by any reason, you are welcome to let someone else go in your place.

A work in progress
NOTE: We are in the process of renovating the house, so do not expect a polished retreat. We do have lots of ingredients to make you feel at home during this week (comfortable beds, warm shower, electricity, fireplace, trampoline, body boards, swing chair, smoothie gear,..). If you’d prefer a completely finished place & course, we are happy to welcome you another round.  

Any questions? Email me: or send a message on Instagram: @miloumignon or @universo.galicia

All my love,