As a Healing Voice Facilitator I create a safe, open, loving space for you to embark on this wonderful journey. I am honoured to guide you on this path of empowerment, healing and even magic if you wish.

Embrace the healing power of your unique voice. 

Healing Voice 1 on 1 Session

In a Healing Voice 1 on 1 session you journey through the authentic, healing power of your voice. What will it take for you to live a life in which you are fully expressed in your creativity, connected to source and your community, and in which you speak and sing from alignment, love, authenticity and personal power?
Voice work is incredibly strong and can bring up shadows that keep you from living your pure essence. I hold lovingly space for you for all that comes up and support you transforming it by the healing power of your own voice. Depending on your personal question and path you will receive vocal techniques, chants or mantra’s and embodiment practices. 

These sessions are for you if you are longing to:

❊ Develop your voice as biggest tool for healing and manifestation 🌿

❊ Experience the pure joy of singing

❊ Communicate from more alignment, empowerment and authenticity

❊ Enjoy a life in which you come to full self-expression

❊ Transform limiting thoughts and trauma around your voice and identity

❊ Let your creativity flow like a river

These sessions are meant for everyone with a voice. It is not a ‘singing lesson’, it is a path of self development with your voice as a compass and a medicine. It is a transformative, healing journey with sound healing, embodiment, chants and voice liberation techniques.

This autumn I am available for Healing Voice 1 on 1 sessions live in Utrecht on Sun- & Mondays. From January I also work online. It takes 60-75 minutes and costs 75€. Book your session.

A River of Sound (group workshop / ceremony)

In this evening we will create a ceremonial space that we fill with beautiful music, inspiring stories, dance, authentic relating and prayer for the sweet waters of our planet. We will sing chants and mantras from all over the world and improvise to the beating of our hearts.

Music is pure medicine. Since the beginning of time this is known by troubadours and medicine men & women. They have used their sounds to heal people, move them emotionally and restore their connection with themselves and their community. In this evening we will call upon this ancient wisdom.

The next one takes place on the Tantra Festival in Odessa, Amsterdam on the 6th of November 2022.

Healing Voice Retreat Galicia

First retreat takes place from 29th of April till the 6th of May 2023. There is place for 6 participants. Contact me for more info.

Want to dive in or do you have any questions?