A short introduction

My name is Milou Mignon, I am a singer and multidisciplinary artist. Since my early childhood I discover the world through my zoomrecorder, making audio stories and songs, performances and poems. This is what I’ve been keep doing full time into my twenties, performing in forests, circustents, theatre festivals, pop venues, on the street, in basements and jazz clubs, meeting new friends from all kinds of backgrounds to go into dialogue with. These collaborations and discoveries through the magic of art – fill me up with joy.

I sing in every language that I can keep hands on, at this moment: English, French, Dutch, a little bit of Spanish and gibberish. Also my music could be described as ecletic, for I do not hold myself back by borders of specific genres and boxes, still the core is always a tiny story about a poundering human or animal.

In my art I create journeys by interwaving melody, word and fieldrecording (underwater or in the city), introducing real characters and stories of people who carry a medicine within them (like colourful 83-year old Henny or poet Kokob from Eritrea). My works are called (from youngest to oldest) album/audiotour Onder de Sterren, podcast- & concertseries 3×3=9, podcast Poppenhuis, album Stadskoraal, short film Aquarium, audio play Ons bed is de Savanne.