Chairdance crashcourse Taylor

Chairdance crashcourse Taylor

At NYE Burlesque Performance party I met Taylor Made in a tiny dressing room. I was his fangirl right away. He is a dragqueen, pole dancer and burlesque performer from Enschede. For one of the performance nights of 3 x 3 = 9 I invited him to Amsterdam to get to know all about him.

Taylor: My first loves were Madonna and Josephine Baker. They inspired me into the world of music and dance. On primary school I learned that awful things can happen when you are different, so I decided to adapt myself. I changed my favorite colours pink and purple into blue and green. All that time I convinced myself I had to present myself more masculine than I felt inside to proof that I was not (too) gay.

Years later I got a friend who wore make up, crazy costumes, and acted very feminine. I didn’t understand why he would do that to himself. People offended him, and worse. But one day he invited me to go to Amsterdam together where he was a magnet for artists and could enter every party without ticket or guestlist spot. This was an eye opener to me. Why would I act different to please people that are not even nice. If I fully express how I feel inside, I attract the people I want.

Later I discovered drag. This is such a freedom to me. Here men are not chained to any restrictions of how to behave or dress. Especially with the development of gender bending there is so much creative space to let a moustache grow and wear make up if you feel like. I hope that at some point in history there will be just as many labels as there are people on the planet, that every human being fits in its own unique box/label that every one can create for themselves. By that time these boxes and labels will be no longer needed.

This evening Taylor Made performed together with groove tribe Bradu and sonic witches Spill Gold. A night full of great music, delicious Rum-Ginger cake and a crash course coronaproof dancemoves by Taylor (check out below).

Check out Taylors crashcourse here:

To get an impression of the whole night, check this video:

Banner photo by Merel Musch

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