Desert moon in Vondelpark

Were you in Vondelpark last full moon? Big chance you heard me sing. Well, sing? I was belting my heart out.

The few cyclists that were in the park wore headphones anyway, I thought. Suddenly a short man in leather jacket stood next to me. I recognized him. He is often there, wandering. Climbs trees, plays harmonica, talks to birds. This time he talked to me.

‘You know why I am sitting in the park? It is just like my big brother, just like my mom, give me hug, give me love. You need to be tough to live like me. Here I am, alien man in alien country in alien culture. Sometimes I feel the world is a dark place. Humanity is struggling and we live in a selfish society. What do you think?’


‘You look so innocent. Very sweet innocent. A little worried, I don’t know why.’

I am searching for words.

‘I just ask you, you don’t have to give me answer. Perhaps you don’t have answer. Some people have something smart to say. Or at least they can support you. But if you can’t, don’t worry. I am used to in my life. If I had answer myself I wouldn’t be so unhappy. Why would I leave, why would I –

     L O O K  AT  THE  M O O N !

         L O O K  AT IT,  R E A L L Y !

It is really full eh? Hahaha! Why is it the woman likes full moon? I mean I like full moon too. What a beauty, PHOOO! You know what I love from Dutch sky? Rain, crazy and then suddenly it comes to empty blue and many colour. Dutch sky is really like Africa. Only you miss the stars here, pity, but it has lots of beauty. You can feel something is coming. Some animal. Lucky you there is no animal here. In desert big chance you see lots of them. They come out to hunt. AHOOOOOOOO’

A cyclist looks at us.

‘Sorry.. I get crazy with nature. It is the best friend I have. Moon says: don’t worry Django, I am with you, you are not alone. Such a beauty eh! I want to write a poetry about you. Be careful, don’t look too much or you get crazy.’

It is cold in the park. I want to go home and take a hot bath. How to finish this conversation without making him feel bad?

‘What is this? A hug?’

I try again.

‘Thats better. Anyway some day I can play harmonica and you can sing.

‘Yes’, I answer. ‘I’d love to.’

*This conversation is part of A Wanderer’s Tale, my 6 month pilgrimage through Amsterdam.